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"Why am I studying Chinese?"

阿肯色中北部的徒步旅行 (Trails of north central Arkansas)

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I use this page for quick links to my Email and related sites. I use it for my homepage, so I can have quick access to editing and translation tools.

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To purchase a copy of any of my books, including my autobiography, visit Windsong.

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This Introduction to life at the University of Arkansas is designed for students from China new to the state.

Why Chinese?

Many of my Chinese friends as me Why are you studying Chinese? Do you like China? How did you get started?

China and Chinese/English Language

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Trails of Baxter County, Arkansas, USA

Trails of Baxter County, North Central Arkansas.

Arkansas Sedge Pages

Sedge links.

Arkansas sedges, Phil's summary of the status of Arkansas sedges.

Arkansas sedges in the genera Bolboschoenus and Bulbostylis .

Arkansas Carex sedges.

Carex Section Laxiflorae.

Carex Section Helioglochin.

Arkansas Cyperus sedges.

Arkansas sedges in genera starting with D and E.

Arkansas sedges in genera starting with F and L. (Note: this page has not yet been created.)

Arkansas Rhynchospora. (Note: this page has not yet been created.)

Arkansas sedges in genera starting with S.

Introduction to Arkansas Carex.

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Extra info related to what I do.

Need a resume or research paper edited to improve the English? You've come to the right place! I'm a professional field ecologist and botanist specializing in the genus Carex who has years of experience as a writer and editor. If you can write English, but journals are not satisfied with the quality, I can improve it for you. If you can prepare a resume, but you're worried about the quality of your English, we can polish it off for you. Even if you only write in Chinese, we work with a network of translators in mainland China and can translate your Chinese to fluent English. Our colleagues work with a wide variety of clients, so we can handle contracts, business letters, and a wide variety of documents. We can quote rates on request.

Resumes? RMB100-150 and infrequently higher. Complex scientific English research papers? From RMB100 for 250 words, more or less depending on the quality of the original English. Easier or more difficult work including translation? We can quote you a firm price before you commit to using our services.

Feel free to send me an email to ask me about my prices and rates for translation and editing work. I work with a network of native Chinese speakers who are professional editors. With their skills and mine, we can do both translation and editing work. Contact me at sedgeheadxyz<@> but delete the xyz and the <> symbols when you email me.

In the past two years, my use of Chinese has improved. Currently, I'm a full time writer and editor. I work for several companies in China as well as independently. My specialty, botany and ecology, gives me the opportunity to edit the research papers of many Chinese and Japanese scientists. My job is to improve their use of English.