Cyperaceae of Arkansas

Revised April 11, 2009

Cyperaceae of Arkansas: an annotated list

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Bolboschoenus and Bulbostylis list page; including synonyms such as Bolboschoenus paludosus, Schoenoplectus fluviatilis, Scirpus fluviatilis, Scirpus maritimus, Scirpus maritimus var. paludosus, and Scirpus paludosus

Carex list page

Cyperus list page

Sedge genera "D to E" list page; including "Rhychospora colorata" and other synonyms

Sedge genera "F to L" list page

Rhynchospora list page

Schoenoplectus, Scirpus, and Scleria of Arkansas

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Trichophorum planfolium has many synonyms and is currently unknown in Arkansas. It is likely in northern Arkansas based on its distribution in Yatskievych (1999). Synonyms include Isolepis planfolia Spreng., Scirpus planfolius Muhl. var. planifolius but not the other variety, and Scirpus verecundus Fern.



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